maths place value rubric

The ones that are red are wrong. The ones that are yellow are sort of right and sort of wrong. The ones that are green are right.I should achieved on to get more green and get less red.

Book Review


Title: WHere’s Wally

Author:Martin handford

Main Character:odlaw,wizard whitebread,wenda,woof & wally.

Summary: You have to find every character.

Recommend:I recommend everyone avbove the age of 7 should read this book.

star rating:5/5

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Trem 3

In trem 3 I’am looking forward to fininshing off Harry potter and the 3 goals I would like to do is 1.make a new friend 2.get better at reading out loud. 3.get better at my colouring.


On the weekend I went shopping at adeis and l went to coles. It was a boring weekend.

Ashlyns avater

My avater looks like that because I love art so much and I allso love purple,blue and aqua thay are my fav colour.

IMG_7897At swimming lessons I did back stroke and bear cuddle with one hand back stroke.


Telishah is my best friend. This year she had looked after me.She is nice and caring.

On the holidays.

On the Holidays I went to the shops with Bri, Dad, Amelia, and Harper .We bought fruit, veg’s, noodles, chips, toilet paper, milk and bread. After the shop’s we had delicious KFC. When we got home the camera crew’s wore done so me, Amelia and Harper went outside to play.Before dinner I had a bath for dinner we had taco’s. After dinner  I stayed up for a little bit.